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Respect - Do you earn it?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Human beings are created “in the image of God”— We are all equally valuable and worthy. Men, women, and children of ALL cultures - Rich or poor.

The categories that humans created because of fear and selfishness have separated us from each other. There is only one race and it’s the human race.

Some people think that they are weak and degrading themselves when showing respect to someone else. It is quite the opposite.

When we do not feel respected by our parents while we are living with them, we have a need to feel respected later in life. We may demand to be respected by our employees, our children, colleagues or even the waitress. But when we are in positions of authority it is easy for us to confuse respect and fear

Honor your word. You are only as good as your word.

If you make a promise to someone, they will judge you, not only on what you say, but what you do. If you implement what you say, your words hold power in the future. You will obtain the trust and respect of others. If you're constantly making promises and don’t follow through, your words will eventually hold a negative representation of your integrity. Result being, you will lose the trust and respect of others. As the saying goes: ‘You are your word.’

Keeping true to your word is not just about respecting other people. It is a reflection of your own self-respect.

We need to pay attention to keeping promises to ourselves as much as we should to others.

The better we understand ourselves and other people, the more prosperous we’ll be in respecting ourselves and each other.

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