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Do schools kill creativity?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

The school system in general doesn't benefit most individuals. They don't allow for children to develop within their individual God given talents. They only focus on merit and sport and only the children who have talents in those fields will be recognised and awarded. What about the rest? They grow up believing 'different' is wrong.

As young adults they are at a disadvantage trying to fit in and also trying to make a living because they were never given the chance to develop their skills and talents. They weren't even given the opportunity to accept themselves for who they are. So they end up in jobs that make them dreadfully unhappy, causing depression until they eventually commit suicide. But not before they have been on such a destructive path, harming themselves, and anyone / everyone they've come in contact with; physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Schools are the foundation on which we build future generation adults. A foundation that causes a lot of confusion and frustration.

How can anything good come from a broken foundation?

One can't judge based on achievement when not everyone has been granted an equal foundation to build their strengths and talents on

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