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1:1 Body, Soul & Spirit 

My signature 3 month mentorship is an

exclusive safe space to heal and grow


This is an intensive 12-week program


Special Benefits Include

 One-on-one specialized, powerful guidance

    Powerful shifts and healing in body, soul and spirit

   Healing your past once and for all

    Discover how to effectively create your future

    reverse negative emotions, habits and behaviours

    Experiencing your life as you want – with peace, love and health 

    Amazing breakthroughs

    Daily tangible and extraordinary results

   Profound understanding of the healing process on a daily basis

    Accountability and motivation

   The experience of transformation in all areas of your life



YOUR 12 Week Mentoring CONSISTS OF


    Over 8 Concentrated hours of body soul and spirit sessions

    Extraordinary exercises designed for breakthroughs

    Personal one-on-one sessions

   Daily whatsapp support 

     Text/voice note me anytime

Emergency sessions

An accountability buddy.


 Deepened understanding, clarity and knowledge 

Tools for unconscious restructuring for the fastest results

 The experience of transformation in all areas of your life

 Simple to use yet powerful, fast acting life-changing exercises

Accountability and motivation

 Results you can count on that last a lifetime

 Bonus: Free copy of From the dark into the light book and journal value $45

Monthly Membership subscription



1x 60 min call where we work on additional areas that’s keeping you growing even more

 Text/voice note me anytime  

Emergency sessions

An accountability buddy



As a transformation mentor we will be working on your body soul and spirit - 

how you look at the world, challenges, issues and even how you look at yourself. 

After a program with me, you will be much more confident and have a much better

knowledge on how to deal with the everyday challenges you face.



Space is available for limited number of clients


My promise to you: I am 100% committed to your ultimate transformation

in all areas of your life! You can count on me to provide an

unconditional loving space for your personal growth. 

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