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Meet Cicilia

- transformational life mentor -

Life mentor and alternative wellness specialist, Cicilia has an alternative, soul-centric approach to well being. She takes a journey with individuals and helps them master the interconnectedness of body, soul and spirit to become confident, empowered and happy.

She couldn't keep the colours inside the lines... so she drew new lines.

Cicilia Pieterse is a wife and mother, the past president of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, the founder and past chairperson of a charity Women’s Forte Organisation, and has been a competitor in World Fitness Federation competitions.

Yet this high-achiever suffered from depression from an early age, attempting suicide at 16 and battling the demons of insecurity, pain and guilt for most of her life.

The turnaround came 13 years ago with the realisation that she was looking for acknowledgement and validation from other people, rather than from within.

She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.


Cicilia embarked on what she calls “a journey filled with research, trial and error, prayer, tears, and importantly, the breaking of generational curses”. Learning self-compassion enabled her to change direction and over the years she developed a system for staying on a healthy course, choosing light over darkness.

This system is now a powerful tool called “Body Soul Spirit” and Cicilia uses it to help her clients understand the interconnectedness of health, thoughts and faith.

Cicilia helps women with past trauma or depression to become mentally empowered and create their desired life. Her message to those suffering is this: “I have been there, and I know how hard it is to find hope and a way forward. I’m ready to meet you where you are in your life, and to guide and support you. My passion as a mentor is to help you connect with the greatness and power within you!“

The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.

About Cicilia
Transformation Process


One of the things that makes humans so beautiful is our rich diversity. We come in all shapes, sizes and shades. Life would be exceptionally boring if we were all the same. It is important that we respect the differences of our bodies and celebrate them, and not all try to conform to one standard of beauty. However, it is equally as important to keep our bodies healthy. We do, after all, need them for our whole lives and we all deserve to live a happy life in a healthy body, free of illness and pain. Being healthy requires for us to eat healthily, exercise, sleep well, and more. None of these things need to be done in the extreme, as often happens with quick fad diets, stop-start exercise, bad meal plans etc. We need to work towards finding balance. It is only through balance that we can improve productivity, self-esteem and wellbeing.


Feelings of depression and self loathing/doubt stem from a struggling soul. In order to be a productive part of a family, relationship or society, it is vital that we look inward to heal. Having a healthy soul leads to a more balanced life, better decision making and a better ability to cope with life’s challenges. Furthermore, it makes it possible to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, and makes building new, healthy relationships possible. When we are well in our souls, we are much more able to be there for others, raise healthy, stable children and be productive citizens and leaders.


Breath is connected to spirit.

Each one of us has a spirit that is connected to God which is yearning to be closer to Him and to make Him the most prominent part of our lives. And none of us can be truly happy and at peace if we have not done the work required to have and maintain a healthy spirit and therefore, our connection to the Higher Power.


Online Programs

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Cicilia Pieterse Soul Healing Retreat




Cicilia Pieterse Self help book




You can Heal 

Get the steps to Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life 

Free yourself from the chains of false beliefs, old conditioning's and unresolved issues, remove the masks that prevent your original face from emerging.

Are you exited to begin a life with consciousness?

Cicilia Pieterse Mentoring and weightloss for Danielle Nortier

Danielle Nortier's Success Story

At the age of 8, I had my first experience with a psychologist. I was never a very happy child. Eating anything and everything all day was what motivated me to get out of bed in the mornings. As a result I gained a lot of weight that resulted in me hiding away in my room or house and chasing away any of my friends who made an appearance for an afternoon visit. I became my own prisoner -mentally, physically and spiritually. I developed severe depression and food became my comfort.

This was my life for 17 years: Not living, never being happy, not having energy, being in a mental and physical yo-yo state of hating myself and wishing I could just die. My parents last resort was to book me into a mental rehabilitation clinic, needless to say, without any good results. A short while after getting out of rehab, I met Cicilia Pieterse.

She introduced me to positive mindset. Taking me on a life changing journey from which I haven't looked back for one moment. With Cicilia's help, guidance and motivation, i was able to get out of my depressed state of mind. I didn't have a need for my anti-depressants anymore. For the first time in my life, I started loving myself and other people. I started loving life and wanted to be alive. I learned to respect myself.. And I got to know what it feels like to be thankful. I have a clear understanding of myself and as a result am able to forgive myself, for everything big or small or however insignificant.

As a result of loving myself and accepting myself and making a choice that I want to be happy and healthy, I was able to adapt to a healthy lifestyle in every sense of the word. Creating a routine of consistency by exercising on a daily basis, eating clean and healthy food, meditating and renewing my mind and, as a result, I have lost a significant amount of weight while increasing my fitness and health. I can now finally say, I am a HAPPY human being.

I am very thankful for meeting Cicilia Pieterse and for all her help and continued guidance. I wouldn't change my new lifestyle or mindset for anything in the world. Cicilia gave me life!

Success Stories & Results
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Stella's Success Story

I've been part of Cicilia's From the dark, into the light program for about 2 years now and still going strong. 

I dealt with major inner conflicts that I was not aware of. These issues consumed me to the point where I was losing myself. Being on a path of self destruction caused so much damage to my relationships with my loved ones. It made me feel even more depressed and lonely. My coping mechanism was to drink and party, living a life that I thought was happiness... But it was nothing but emptiness. 

I decided to contact Cicilia as a last resort and have never looked back since. She guided and made me aware of the root causes to all my problems and gave me the tools to deal with them in body, soul and spirit. I am still growing from strength to strength everyday as I empower myself through Cicilia's interconnected chain model. 

I can only thank Cicilia for getting me out of the dark and bringing me into the light.

Martie De Vries Success Story

My life before the body soul and spirit program was an everyday battle and struggle. Being stuck in a negative mindset had so many negatory effects on me.

I gained weight, had major difficulty to forgive and held my inner pain captive inside my soul. I lost motivation for life, and felt discouraged when I tried to "diet".

Then, I met Cicilia. She introduced me to her Body soul and spirit program and my perception of myself, and the world in general, changed.

Little by little, the colossal mountain cleared from my path throughout my journey.

The more I worked on improving and understanding myself, the more courage filled me from inside out.

I don't remember my pain anymore. I came so far and I'm still heading forward. I feel beyond positive, and my goal changed from losing weight for others to losing weight for myself.

Cicilia, thank you. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel into words, but I can thank God for bringing you over my path. Stay the beautiful and inspiring woman you are.

Success Stories & Results

Cathryn   1 April 2020

Fear overwhelmed me and I lost time on things that couldn't be changed. In result: I created mental blockages and struggled to face people and situations that scared me. 

Working with Cicilia, I came to relise that there are things I can improve on myself. 

I'm able to identiify and adapt to all sorts of relationships in a healthy way. This renewed perspective of building strong relationships were inspired and lead by Cicilia's program with the 20-links.

Saying 'thank you' would be an understatement, but it's a beginning. I am grateful to have been a small part of a long and successful journey. Forever love and appreciation.

Jessica Jun 2019

Wonderful person.  Add spark into one's life where there wasn't any. 

Added hope to every situation.  Changes mind sets.  Encourages all the time. 

A great mentor would recommend anyone to join the life healing change.

Nicole Jul 2019

Best ever

She is a working person of God.
Wonderful person and good sessions. Im already a better perrson and feel better.  She is very good. If you want transformation contact Cicilia Pieterse

Jenora Booysen   Feb 2019

Cicilia helped me conquer my fears, trauma and negative emotions. I now live an empowered life. 

Bea Schitt   Nov 2017

Cicilia is a great person with a good heart, who helps people change their mind set and life. She is a great mentor. 

Priscilla Van Wyk May 2020


All my life I had very low self confidence and had very little self-worth. I had no will to lose weight as I was very over weight. I always went to church but never really understood God. After doing the Body, Soul & Spirit program with Cicilia, I couldn't believe how my life has changed in all aspects of my life. Cicilia helped me to heal my soul and understand myself and God like I never imagined.Thank you Cicilia, for your love and support throughout my journey.

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