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Family Package 

What is the Family Package?

The Family Package is for a maximum total of six individuals (mom/dad and children, couples, friends, co-workers etc.) to experience the Personal Soul-healing within the comforts of their home or venue of their choice.

How do we go about it?

We come to you and teach you how to apply our mental tools provided by the 20-link-chain-model in your life. Us coming to you is beneficial:

  • Together we will discover your personality type!

    • We provide worksheets which helps to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, how to overcome bad habits, work through personal trauma and heal you. Once you complete the worksheets and understand yourself, you can find inner peace. We want what’s best for you! Our goal is to empower your individuality and strengthen your mindset.


  • Together we can work through your unanswered questions.

    • During the process of working on your healing, you might come across new questions or even questions that hadn’t had an answer in years – we’ll do our best to assist you by giving you clarity about the circumstances you are in.


  • If you decide to add a mini course to your experience:

    • We offer exercising tips, where we show you what to do (at a gym or home), to form a foundation of the process of bettering your physical health and guide you to healthy eating. (Disclaimer: We are not qualified personal trainers or nutritionists, Cicilia has experience and competed in World Fitness Federation Competitions.)

    • Click here to check out the other available mini courses.


Expenses for the Couple’s Package includes:

The expenses are as follow:

  • Family package paid separately for two individuals and $250 for every added person + accommodation & all traveling cost.

  • Book and pay for 6 nights and 5 days at least any 4-star hotel/guest house for us to stay over and send us the proof of confirmation as well as the location of the accommodation site.

  • All payments must be finalised a month before the Personal Soul-healing takes place. If you/we cancel the event, then refunds will be available a month beforehand.

Traveling expenses:

  • This includes the traveling from our destination to the accommodation site and from the accommodation site to your home or venue of choice.

  • Traveling costs will be calculated at AA-rates.

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